The Past Is Prologue

Eyesong rests on the shoulders of four technological revolutions in the history of written communication. The first flowered on the banks of the Nile in pre-dynastic Egypt some 5,000 years ago, when a distant genius discovered a way to make a writing surface by splitting, soaking and pressing the stems of the papyrus plant. No longer was information only carved in stone or clay tablets. Now, for the first time, words and symbols were transportable. The second revolution occurred during China’s Han Dynasty when a man named Ts’ai developed paper from a mixture of the inner bark of the mulberry tree and bamboo fibers. Revolution number four flowered when Guttenberg invented the printing press with moveable type, a revolution that fostered rapid development in the sciences, religion, scholarship and the arts, and made this information and these ideas available to the masses.

The World of Eyesong

Welcome to Eyesong, your portal to the new world of electronic publishing. Not so long ago, we would have printed a brochure to explain who we are and what we do. However, the technologies we employ, the skill sets we embrace, the marketplaces we supply, change so rapidly that the printed piece would have been obsolete before the ink had dried. Never before have the ways people exchange information and ideas, the ways people write and read and publish, been so alive with innovation and change.

At Eyesong, we ride herd on this change and the emerging electronic devices at its core and channel them to useful and meaningful tasks. As an electronic publishing entity, we create and help develop electronic content for smart phones, digital tablets and other electronic devices. In addition to consulting on all aspects of electronic publishing, our firm develops and distributes electronic media in all electronic forms, including ebooks, audio books, films and podcasts. We also help people and institutions access the vast treasury of knowledge, the tens of millions of books that have been published since the time of Gutenburg.

The Eyesong Team

The Eyesong Team is headed by Co-Founder and CEO, Gordon Blocker. The exclusive provider of technical services for Eyesong Publishing, Gordon Blocker & Associates specializes in solving client problems through the design and production of creative products and concepts. Not limited to any one field of specialty, Gordon Blocker has a 40 year award-winning track record for film, video, photography, multi-media, animation, special effects, interactive, SEO, Google adwords & analytics, writing, design and system solutions. Blocker is joined by award-winning graphics and branding designers, film, photography and music production professionals, a trademark firm and social media strategy & implementation including subject-specific marketing consultants.Full agency capabilities are rounded out with both short and long form professional editors-writers for trademarks, slogans, branding, research and long form scriptwriting.

Gordon Blocker’s clients include national and international commercial and non-profit organizations including foundations, corporations and museums. A partial listing of clients include: American Airlines, EDS, Merck Pharmaceutical, Macromedia, The Moody Foundation, BOC Healthcare, The Northen Foundation, Tandy Corporation, John Denver, SimuFlite, Cinemark, Director Stephen Ives, Dallas Convention Bureau, The Woodlands Corporation, The Image Bank, KHOU-TV (CBS), Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Reality Interactive, Dahlberg, Ideal Learning, The Meadows Foundation, Trammel Crow Company, Sara Lee, Consolidated Coca-Cola, Earthgrains, Bimbo Bakeries, Imagen8sion, Homart, Lincoln Properties, WNET (New York), American Heart Association, Robert A. Wilson & Associates, Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine, United Way, Dr Marina Johnson, National Cancer Institute, MIT, Hyatt Regency, ZZ Top, Northrup Grumman and SAIC.